Bren has become so much more than a massage therapist, I like to think of her as my spiritual healer. For a few years now I have had immense neck and back pain. After exhausting my options with doctors and chiropractors, I came to Bren. Bren has opened the floodgates of healing and has restored movement to many parts of my body, including proper blood flow to my brain. My boyfriend saw Bren for the first time last week and each day he continues to wow himself with the knowledge that he learned from Bren in just one session. I can safely say that my boyfriend and I are on the path to healing both our body and minds. Bren is the best manual therapist and massage therapist that both of us have ever had and we will not be returning to the doctor, or anyone else for that matter.
Anjelica L. Gazzano
Staff Accountant

Bren is a gifted therapist. I have been referring patient's to her for years. Her work has continued to evolve over the years to the point where she is one of the best in her field. She constantly strives to improve and continues to take continuing education seminars to be the best she can be. I have experienced her work firsthand and was so impressed I immediately referred my wife!
Douglas Kyle, DC, DABCO

I have been a happy customer of Bren for more than 5 years now. When I started, I had horrible posture, mediocre health, and lots of back pain. Now I am healthy, have good posture, and no pain. Bren pays meticulous attention to detail in every one of her massages and has a magnificent ability to locate and deal with the trouble. Additionally, her health tips and encouragement have led me to adopt a healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle. What are you waiting for? If you are in pain and reading this you should be calling her right now to make an appointment.
Larry Cohen
San Rafael, CA

I have been going to Bren Danielson since 2003. Over the years I have tried the services of many therapists, both in the U.S. and in Australia and Asia. She is certainly the best practitioner I have ever found, with a true gift and constantly growing intuitive knowledge of what structural problem is causing my current pain. She goes right to the source to fix it. Bren’s abilities keep me working and free of pain; I am certain I would be having serious back problems and be in a lot of pain if she hadn’t been able to get to the root of my troubles.
Shelly Pintabona

Bren is a natural, born to do this work. She makes such a difference each time I see her.

K. Randolph

Bren provides a remarkable blend of advanced technical skills, intuition, body awareness and compassion. I have experienced a lot of different types of body work, and in my book, she's the best!

 Amayea Rae

If you are looking for a talented, highly skilled, miracle worker Bren is for you! I came to Bren with a terrible arm injury. I had lost most of my range of motion with my entire right arm and it had become excruciating for me to type at my computer. I had worked with Bren before, but NEVER for anything chronic or severe! I knew she would be able to help ease some of the pain, but I had NO idea that she would be able to heal me completely in just two sessions! She wrapped my arm, taking special care to kinesiotape it just right. In addition, she took the time to explain more about the kind of injury I had sustained, what she was doing to correct it, and how to avoid repeating the injury in the future. By the next day, most of the pain was gone. Over the next week, I only had occasional, light pain and I was typing at my computer without agony. At the end of the week, Bren removed my tape and I NEVER had another problem with my arm again! I couldn't believe it! She was fabulous in every way and it was such a gift and blessing to have full function of my arm again and to be pain free. I will forever be grateful for Bren's vast knowledge and skill level.

F. Sarti

I have known Bren forever, since she was a student of massage and she was great then! I have been getting massages that heal for around 15 years and she's the best. When she is too busy for me, I try others, but no one beats the work this woman's talents offer a body!


"I worked with Bren for several months prior to getting a new hip. In addition to making me more comfortable while waiting for surgery I'm convinced that her work contributed sugnificantly to the success of the operation and to my rapid recovery. Thanks again, Bren."

-John Dahl, San Anselmo

I realize all the time how amazing you are; I am always quoting things I have learned about the body from you, working on my performers and helping them find new ways of being in their body.
I hope all the blessing you extend to others are returned to you one hundred fold.

Jade Raybin